Chester County area produces half of the US mushroom production; so in Kennett Square, a mushroom capital of the world, an annual Mushroom Festival always takes place on the first weekend after Labor Day. It is time to celebrate a product that puts food on a plate for many local families.

Let talk about mushrooms first. I am a huge fan of the mushrooms and really enjoy every single mushroom-based dish. Americans don’t usually use mushroom on the pizza, we do pepperoni or plain pie, but I was surprised while traveling Europe that almost everyone is doing pizza with mushrooms on top. Mushrooms that are represented in Chester Count are White Mushroom, Crimini (a brown variety of white mushroom), Portabella, Shiitake, and Oyster mushroom. You can taste, and buy all of them from the list on the Mushroom Festival.

Everything starts with the Mushroom Community Parade, and you can participate in the parade by submitting a request on the official website of the Mushroom Festival. During the parade, all the restaurants set tables outside, and after the bellies are full there is a lot of music and dancing on the streets. If you are a competitive kind of person there are many competitions going around, there are also many shows and exhibits at the festival.

List of competitions:

  • Amateur Mushroom Cook-Off (every year different theme)
  • National Fried Mushroom Eating Championship (great fun guaranteed)
  • Cute-As-A-Button Mushroom Baby Photos
  • Painted Mushroom Silent Auction
  • Mushroom Run & Fun Walk
  • Growers Mushroom Judging

List of the exhibits:

  • Antique & Classic Car Show
  • Culinary Tent
  • Children’s Stage
  • Mushroom Growers Exhibit
  • Community Stage

It may not sound exciting but the Mushroom Festival is a great event to visit, especially with the family and little kids. It’s a fun way for the young ones to learn about nature, it is a great occasion for every mushroom loving adult to enjoy perfect products and overall it’s a day well spent. It is nice to see the community of Kennett Square having a great time and celebrating products that shaped their lives.