Hi there! I am a proud Chester Country local, traveler, and I have a special passion for the promotion of small harmonic communities. I found my inspiration in small communities as they are hidden, unexploited gems, which can offer many joys. Living in a small community for my opinion is the best way of living as they are a safe place to raise a family, life is more balanced, you get less stress than in urban highly populated areas, you are closer to nature, people look for each other, and take better care for each other. I’m also having a great passion for gastronomy, beer crafting, and agriculture.

Living in urban areas, working crazy hours and traveling occasionally was my life or I thought that it was? Once I decide to travel to Europe for a month, to relax, and to rethink my life. I made beginner’s mistake and went for capitals; Rome, London, Paris, and Berlin. While riding on the bus towards Rome, a group of travelers recommended me to visit the countryside, small villages, little islands in Dalmatia (a region in Croatia), basically places that are ‘not on the map’, just like our Kennett Square. I took the ferry and went to Split, Croatia, from where I took a shared speedboat tour from Split to Blue Cave. I witnessed harmony and joy in small towns, which is totally opposite of hectic, overpopulated places. I knew what needs to be done when I come back home, so I moved from the big city and found my peace in this charming little town. More information about this beautiful city, and all attractions it has to offer can be found on our partner website: www.zentravelcroatia.com


In Chester County, Pennsylvania, just 40 miles outside of Philadelphia and 12 miles of Wilmington lays the Kennett Square borough, a mushroom capital of the world. Why mushroom capital? It is because half of the US mushroom production goes from the Chester County area. In honor of Kennett’s most famous product, there is an annual festival a Kennett Square Mushroom Festival that always takes place on the first weekend after Labor Day. It is a festival where all the local farmers gather to celebrate their product that was firstly introduced by Kennett Square founder in 1885. This picturesque little town counts a population of approximately 6000.

Kennett Square is a historical place, originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans. During the Revolutionary War, British soldiers settle up a camp in Kennett Square. This place played an important role in American history as being an important part of the Underground Railroad, a network of routes and safe places for escaping slaves from America’s south.


Diversity in the offer of restaurants, cafes, taverns, and delis is surprisingly large and it one of my favorite things about Kennett Square. Since it is surrounded by mushroom farms, every mushroom-based dish is amazing, but overall the quality of ingredients is beyond great. Everything you try here is locally grown and represents from farm to the table concept.

My number one pick is:

Half Moon Restaurant & Saloon! 

This place is a popular tavern in the Kennett Square, located in 108 W State St., a street which is a center of the action with many locally owned businesses, shops, and eaters and truly represents the essence and the charm of this small town. Why is my number one pick? You can get an elk, wild boar, gator, bison or a quail and they offer a large variety of craft beer which I enjoy the most. The best thing to do is to make a reservation and book a table on the rooftop and enjoy your food in the nice decor and view. Sauteed Exotic Mushrooms, ‘wild game sampler’ of a trio of the Chef’s nightly selections and sauces, and a ‘Full Moon’ bison burger are just perfect. Their signature main courses are Minnesota Elk Loin, Wild Boar Shank, and North Dakota Bison NY Strip. Overall is a great place for any occasion, you can go solo dining, enjoy happy hour, or organize a private party, they have a great selection for all purposes.

Talula’s Table is great for house-baked pastries, sandwiches, soups, cheeses, and other gourmet products. The best thing to do is to stop in for breakfast or lunch. On Monday evening they have wine and cheese classes.

La Michoacana Grill is the best Mexican food in the area, with fresh-made corn tortillas they offer build-your-own burritos and fish tacos cooked on traditional style with some of the freshest jalapenos and cabbage slaw. Their first project was La Michoacana Ice Cream, and they have unusual ice cream with Mexican inspired flavors. Corn ice cream paired with a scoop of avocado and topped with chili powder is their top seller.

If you are looking for Asian food or sushi, Lily Asian Restaurant is the best one. Steak sushi roll and the mushroom fries are my favorites, but the sushi, in general, is just outstanding.

I could talk about restaurants endlessly but that is not the point of this web page, the best recommendation about gastronomy in the Kennett Square is to visit State Street and just explore the magnificent offer of local food enthusiasts.


I already mentioned that the Mushroom Festival is one of the biggest activities in the area but there are a lot of things to do and see in and outside Kennett Square. Since it’s close to Philadelphia and Wilmington, there are many options but the biggest attraction that gets a lot of Kennett Square visitors is Longwood gardens.

Longwood Gardens are a botanical garden that Pierre S. du Pont transformed from the simple country farm into more than 1000 acres of the best horticultural displays in the US with gardens, woodlands, and meadows. It attracts more than 1 million visitors through the whole year with the display of native and exotic plants, events, seasonal and themed attractions, workshops, and educational lectures.

Victory Brewing Company is a place to visit if you are a beer fan, just like I am. You can do a self-guided tour and see how the beer is being made and enjoy it as well. Their tours start at $10 per person without beer and $15 per person with a sampling of their flagship beers. If you are a wine person there do a Va La Vineyard where you can do nice wine taste.

Another great thing to do in Kennett Square is ‘Tour of Historic Houses’, where you can visit 36 different sites and learn about the town’s history. For those that are looking for more activity there three golf clubs, Gateway Stables where you can do horseback riding, and two gyms. If you are looking for shopping, besides small businesses on State Street, you have Exton Mall and Longwood Crossing with T.J. Maxx, Famous Footwear, Equinox, and other small shops.


If you are looking for a place to stay in Kennett Square you have a big selection between hotels and Inn, cottages, vacation rentals, and Bed & Breakfast.

Hotels and Inn:

  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • Sunrise Suites

Cottages and vacation rentals:

  • Cottage at Fox Quarry
  • HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Bed & Breakfast:

  • Bancroft Manor
  • CornerStone
  • Kennett House
  • Stebbins-Swayne